Everyday Life and the Inevitability of Agriculture

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Agriculture is at the center of human life and is of great economic importance to every society. Before the industrial revolution, it was the economic powerhouse of most countries.  The agriculture sector remains the source of food in all countries of the world, and a great source of livelihood for many.

However, without farmers, there can’t be any agriculture. No matter who you are, what you eat every day, directly or indirectly, is a product of agriculture. That’s why we ought to be thankful for, and offer our support to all the hardworking farmers and ranchers who toil day and night to make agricultural produce readily available.

Asides providing food, agriculture touches on other aspects of our lives. There are lesser-known uses of agriculture, which makes a lot of people not realize its importance in our everyday living. But the usefulness and place of agriculture cannot in any way be over-emphasized. For example, corn, one of the most grown crops in Nigeria, is used for a couple of other things, ranging from cleaning, to looking good and also fuelling our vehicles.

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Edit 2Here, we have captured some benefits of Agriculture, apart from feeding, which makes it inevitable in our everyday life.

1. Education

When you think of the learning materials used by students in the classrooms i.e. the textbooks, pencils and even seating materials (desks and chairs), you’ll totally understand that agriculture truly benefits us in more ways than we think.

2. Fashion

When putting on your clothes any day, always remember to say a big thank you to the cotton farmer who ensures that you have that soft t-shirt and jeans in your closet. Hemp and wool are also agricultural fibers that are used to produce clothing materials.

3. Morning Routine

Corn and corn products (dextrose, corncobs etc.) can be found in most products that we use for our daily cleaning routine. For example, the toothpaste used to brush our teeth, the cosmetic products that we use, and also the hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) mostly used by ladies are remotely derived from corn products.

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Growsel farms are in good shape4. Cleaning Materials

Products from corn and soybean are also used in the production of cleaning agents like hand soaps, laundry detergents etc., which keep our clothes and us clean.

5. Fueling up

Fuel! Fuel!! Fuel!!! This is one by-product of agriculture that a whole lot of consumers forget.

Fuel used to power cars for the transportation of humans and goods can be produced from Ethanol, which is derived from corn.

6. Medicine

Agriculture is the source for most important medicinal drugs.

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Growsel Trustees 47. Provides Employment

Directly or indirectly, agriculture is the biggest source of employment in most countries of the world. Agriculture also generates huge revenue for most governments. In addition, businesses like biotechnology companies, insurance companies, and banks depend on agriculture for so many things.

Coming to terms with the importance of agriculture and the role it plays in our lives, there is the need to support our smallholder-underfinanced farmers, to ensure that they produce more and earn more.

Agriculture is constantly evolving due to social, environmental, economic and cultural factors. As such, smallholder farmers, who make up more than 80% of our farming population, continue to face a number of challenges that limit their productivity.

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Growsel is helping farmers grow more food using best practicesAt Growsel, we totally understand these challenges and have made it our duty to be a rallying point for investments that will change their lives and build opportunities for them, helping them produce and earn more, while creating opportunities for supporters to grow their money through social impactful investments.

We work closely with our Trustees located in various communities across Nigeria – who are agro experts in their own rights, various partners in the agro supply chain, and with supporters like you, to provide farm-loans sourced through peer-to-peer crowd-funding, as well as enhanced farm inputs and training on global agricultural best practices. This way, we guarantee efficiency, sustainability and increased yield for the farmers, while also creating market access for their various produce.

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