Growsel Benue Rice Farms Updates


Growsel, Nigeria’s Agtech and peer-to-peer support platform connecting under-financed smallholder farmers with supporters, has announced that, despite the continued menace caused by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State, it is very much in control of the circumstances surrounding its ongoing rice farm projects in parts of the the state.

The move was necessitated by recent attacks on some communities in Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen. It would be recalled that gunmen suspected to be herdsmen killed 18 persons and destroyed 35 houses in a fresh attack on Ayar Mbalom village, in Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State, early Tuesday morning.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Alli Mohammed, one of Growsel’s Trustees in Benue State, assured all supporters on the Growsel platform that there is no cause for alarm. In his words, “Apart from the fact that we are in full control of the situation in Benue, especially where it concerns our farms, it is refreshing to know that all Growsel farms are fully insured. As such, all stakeholders have nothing to worry about.”

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benue-pix-2According to the Growsel Trustee in Benue, cultivation is ongoing and in no way affected, even though the local farmers had to relocate from their houses to a safer place, pending government clearance to go back home.

Growsel typically works with registered Growsel Trustees like Dr. Mohammed to provide smallholder farmers with enhanced agricultural inputs such as seedlings, fertilizers, tractors, pesticides and labour cost, to aid the adoption of global best agricultural practices that will enhance commercial crop cultivation, while creating an opportunity for supporters who can get as much as 20% returns on support (RoS).

Feelers from Benue State Government quarters show that the government is doing everything within its power to stem the volatile security situation. Dr. Mohammed therefore urged all Growsel supporters, as well as farmers, to remain calm as they will soon return to their farms once the perceived risks orchestrated by the security situation is stemmed.

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benue-pix-3All registered Growsel farms, including those in Benue State, are insured against risks that may result from disease outbreaks, fire incidences, flood, riots and other natural disasters. As such, all Growsel investors and supporters of farm projects in GWER North LGA are guaranteed of their capital and ROS.

Growsel continues to empower smallholder farmers through global crowd funding, giving them access to agricultural global best practices, improved farm inputs, and farm management solutions. Individuals and organisations can grow their money, while contributing towards food sufficiency and the eradication of poverty in Nigeria and Africa by supporting Growsel registered underfinanced smallholder farmers.

Currently, the Growsel field team is verifying and putting up finishing touches to over 500 hectares of Soya beans accumulating to about 150 smallholder farmers in Kaduna State due for release for support next week. Supporters are advised to get ready for these set of new farms, for an opportunity to make up to 20% Return on Support.