Meet Gideon, a smallholder farmer from Nigeria, West Africa

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We are always excited to share with you the impact our donors and lenders seeds are making especially in Nigeria, West Africa. Today, we share with you the story of a smallholder farmer located in Kaduna State, Nigeria.
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Gideon is a full-time smallholder farmer who cultivates soybeans and maize. Proceeds from his farms are what he uses to fend for his family and buy farming inputs for the next farming season. He is hardworking and currently needs $1,808 for his soybean farm. The funds will enable Gideon to expand his farming enterprise, meeting increasing demands in the local and international market.

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Growsel’s undying zest to create opportunities for smallholder farmers, the likes of Gideon, is fuelled by heartwarming stories such as his. We know our world deserves better and we are making that happen one at a time.

Truly, small seeds can lead to BIG IMPACT in Gideon’s case and you can be part of the love sharing story by lending $20 to bring Gideon’s dream to life.

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