Startup Istanbul 2018: Wow! Zowasel Is Pitching At The Castle!


The concept of globalisation has surely taken an interesting turn. With the incursions being made by technology, particularly, social media, it is now possible for a local startup in Nigeria to look forward to Foreign Direct Investment from another end of the world! No longer does an ambitious social driver like Zowasel have to work in remote facilities/conditions that tend to cripple its reach and social impact. Rather, the dream of simplifying tomorrow through tech-driven solutions and the mission of empowering smallholder farmers in Nigeria can go straight from the bottom of our heart to the centre of the world. Oh yes, we are now global! In consonance with this, Zowasel has been selected among the first batch of “game changer startups” that would star at the 2018 edition of Startup Istanbul! Among the 94,416 startup applications from 140 countries, ours has been identified as one of the 100 “most promising startups of the region”.  Wow! The pitch would be taking place between the 19th and 22nd of October, 2018 in Istanbul.

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“This is a milestone stride for Zowasel,” remarked CEO Jerry Oche. “The recent times have seen tides of global recognition coming our way at successive rates. From the Visa Everywhere Initiative to Ambition Africa and, now, Startup Istanbul, we’re in every way encouraged to keep the ball of impact rolling. Now, with the quality of exposure that interacting with startup giants (as we’re about to have at this event) will bring to our team, Zowasel is bound to come back more equipped to strengthen our support for smallholder farmers,” he enthused.

Previous years of the Startup Istanbul event have produced winners who immediately shot to the top of their industries after their projection at the event.  Among such winners include Nigerian Startup, Advancio Interactive, which “beat over 100 startups from around the world to win the 2017 Startup Istanbul competition. This is definitely a great opportunity for Zowasel!

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This year, the first batch of selected startups, including Zowasel, would be pitching to a panel of seasoned experts whose decision would spark a propelling chain of events to lift the winning team to the next level of operations within and beyond their industry. Some of this year’s speakers, mentors and investors include, among others, Kei Hareyama and Arnaud Castaignet. Hareyama, a seasoned startup adviser with over 15 years experience in Investment Management and Business Development, currently serves as the Chair on the Board of the Global Angel Investment Network in Asia. On the other hand, Castaignet, a member of former French President François Hollande’s communication team, is the Head of Public Relations of the Republic of Estonia’s e-Residency programme. With such rich pedigree of facilitators, Startup Istanbul 2018 promises to launch the selected brands into a more dynamic global space of operation.


Within the 4 days of the event, Zowasel and other participating teams would get to meet world class mentors, investors, companies and media. Also, they would have the opportunity to showcase their brands to a diverse global audience; this is apart from the spotlight the finalists get while they pitch on the main stage.

All of these business goodies do come with a cherry on the icing of the cake. Lest you think we’re of the geek folk that don’t know how to have fun, we are glad to inform you that we are scheduled for a boat tour around town too! Therefore, fam, buckle your social media belts as we bombard your timeline with selfies and fire captions from our adventure in the castle of opportunities, Startup Istanbul 2018. Cheers!

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