Why You Need To Sponsor A Smallholder Farmer Today!

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We would like to share Joseph’s story here and, perhaps, you might see why it’s important for you to sponsor a Growsel smallholder farmer today.

We met Joseph just as he was done making his 3rd maize ridge. Raising his head to greet us, more beads of perspiration trickled down, as he tried to wipe them off with his palm. It was barely eight o’clock in the morning, but the sun was already up, much earlier than some familiar folks in the neighbourhood, who were still battling the drowsiness of last night’s booze.

Joseph had every right to be angry. After all, he had to wake up early to be on the farm with his father. Yet, these folks – his next-door neighbhours – had made last night a particularly sleepless one for him with their drinking and disturbances. But, this wasn’t the real reason why Joseph was upset.

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Joseph is only 14 years; and he has been helping his father to cultivate their farmland since he was 6. He looked to the other side of the farm and watched his father make more maize ridges with so much dexterity, precision and skill, which we thought was quite amazing! The look on Joseph’s face was that of disappointment, not at his own ridges, but at himself and his circumstances.

We found out that Joseph wasn’t disappointed because he had made only 3 ridges, neither because his ridges weren’t good enough, but because he was a farmer’s son. He was even more upset at his father because he could barely make enough from farming to take care of them, not to talk of sending him and his siblings to school.  Talking with him, he swore to us that he would never be a farmer in his life or have anything to do with it once he’s grown.

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Feb_cc_2018-today-Recovered-copy_0013_2_14We were moved by his words, and were truly sorry for how he must feel. Yet we knew that his lot could be a lot better, with just a little help that would amplify his father’s efforts. Then, we thought to ourselves: there must be many other farmers’ kids out there who feel the same way. There must be many more farmers out there who can’t afford enough for their families because their farms are underfinanced. Certainly, as a team dedicated to building opportunities for smallholder farmers, we know that there are so many farmers out there who need our help and support.

We may not know how many, but with every support you give, many more underfinanced farmers can be helped. That’s why it’s important that everyone sponsors a farm today!

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